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About M&Co

There are a number of reasons you may already be familiar with M&Co. the company has a long and celebrated history in the U.K. and, for many, has been their one-stop-shop for all things fashion. Like so many businesses in the United Kingdom, M&Co’s story starts from humble beginnings, especially when compared to their impressive standing today.


For over 50 years now, M&Co has been selling high-quality clothes to people throughout the United Kingdom. Since then, they have become one of the largest, privately-owned clothing retailers here. Originally, though, the company was just a small family business. They had six M&Co shops in Glasgow manned, in large part, by the McGeoch family. It remained that way throughout the 60s, but today there are close to 300 different locations where you can see an M&Co sign over a window frame full of fashion.  You can find them all the way up in the Shetland Isles to all the way down to the south-west coast of England in Penzance.

The focus of M&Co has always been on quality, above all else, and never compromising where prices was concerned. Today, the company sells clothing for women, men and kids, along with fashionable homeware. They have also made a name for themselves by responding to their market and creating solutions for customers where there otherwise were none. Doing so has netted them more than 2,000 transactions every week, good for some 450,000 items being sold either through their website or on-line.

A Local Retailer

Though M&Co certainly has a focus on their on-line presence, their mission has always been built around performing as a local department store. This is due, in large part, to the fact that the company knows they may be the only such retailer in many communities. It’s a responsibility they don’t take lightly.

Throughout their almost 300 stores, M&Co employs some 3,500 employees. The other 400 work t their head office in Inchinnan right next to the Glasgow Airport or in a buying office stationed in London.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of M&Co is that more than 25% of their staff has been with them for over 10 years. Many of their staff have even been there for over 30. Being a family company, much of this may be due to the family culture they try to nurture, something which also helps to influence the most loyal of customers.

The Website

Despite their long history, M&Co only just launched a website to provide their company with an on-line presence back in 2006. Since then, however, the shopping destination has garnered the company countless customers and even a number of awards. Any and all products available in an actual M&Co store are now available on-line as well. Along the same lines, the company has taken great pains to ensure that any customer who shops with them on-line will benefit from the same service and attention they would receive in one of their actual stores.

To this end, you can also be sure to find any sales or special offers on-line that you would find in a physical store too. So if you don’t have an M&Co in your city for some reason or simply don’t want to visit your local branch, you can stay home and get the items you want from the comfort of your favourite chair.


Another way M&Co differs from many similar businesses out there is all the charitable work they’re involved in. The company not only focuses on a wide range of charities, but has also made some astonishing donations over the years. As just one example, M&Co has helped raise 1.6 million pounds for cancer research in the United Kingdom.

The company is also part of the Payroll Giving Scheme offered by the Institute of Fundraising. This service allows employees of any UK company to give to a charity of their choice, straight-away, by having a set amount immediately garnered from their pay-check. For every 10 pounds donated, the employee can see 5 in tax relief immediately.

A supplier of M&Co in Bangladesh started a philanthropy called Children’s Hope Charity. The company later got involved by making a long-term commitment to the charity in order to help profoundly alter the lives of small children in Bangladesh.

Through this charity, M&Co sponsors 25 children, ensuring that they have access to a full time education beginning with primary school and running all the way through university. Healthcare is also provided for the child and their family. Already, M&Co has sponsored five children who passed their exams and are on their way to or currently in college.

So the next time you need a new piece of clothing, don’t forget what M&Co has to offer in terms of products and the difference they make.

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