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Introducing Marisota

No matter what you’re in the market for, if it needs to be fashionable, chances are you want to be doing business with After all, with a parent company like J D Williams and Company, Marisota has quite the pedigree working for it. Even though it’s just one of 20 other brands, though, Marisota manages to stand out for all the right reasons. Plus, few brands in England or otherwise can claim to have been doing business for over 140 years. So the next you want your home or wardrobe to look its best, head on over to the Marisota website.


As we just mentioned, Marisota can trace its lineage back to 1875. It was originally founded by James David Williams. Aside from starting the company, Mr. Williams also has the distinction of being the first man to use the country’s parcel post service to deliver product right to customers. It was this ingenuity, plus the man’s fashionable designs, that drove sales and brought him all kinds of success right into the beginning of the 20th century. That success has carried right into modern times as JD Williams continues to be the most successful UK direct home shopping company. They employ 4,000 employees to help serve their more than 2 million customers.

Marisota is an extension of the JD Williams label. They specialize n plus sized clothing across the board for both men and women. However, they also sell home and electrical products as well.

Their full product line includes fashion, accessories, footwear, lingerie, swimwear, sportswear and Shapeology products. They also have sections for sale items and canwear trends.

Shopping Their Product Line

The website is extremely intuitive meaning it won’t be a challenge to navigate it in search of whatever product you have in mind. Simply go across the dashboard located at the above of each page and find the product line you’re most interested in.

For example, if you were to choose dresses, you’ll be taken to a screen that first introduces you to what this particular category is about. This includes telling you which sizes they carry for this item (e.g. for dresses, it’s sizes 12 to 32). Here you’ll also see the different types of the items they carry. So, again, for dresses, you’d see Shapeology, day, mother of bride, maxi, petite and evening dresses. If you shop by Shapeology, you can even choose which feature of your body you need some help with (i.e. back, arms, breasts, bums, tummy).

You’d also notice that, to the left, the company categorizes the different types of dresses available as well. This includes, for dresses, great value options, party and cocktail dresses, petite clothing, tall choices, wedding guest versions and attire for work, amongst many other choices. Everything from sleeve and dress length can also be altered to help in your search.

Canwear Trends

One very attractive feature of the Marisota website is their canwear trend section. As the name suggests, this is where the company shows trendy outfits and ideas that plus sized women can wear, enjoy and both look and feel great in.

For example, they might feature the folk trend, which gets a lot of influence from the 1970s, but still has a contemporary feel. If that was the trend you were interested in perusing, the company would then show you everything from tops to jeans to bags that you could use to complete this overall aesthetic.

The best part is that these are realistic styles for women of all sizes, not impossible looks cut out from a magazine. Marisota also takes away all the guesswork, by making it clear which items they sell that would fit into this category.

Home and Electricals

If you want home and electrical, Marisota offers a section for those too. However, it’s really just a link to Home Essentials, another imprint of JD Williams. Nonetheless, they have a wide range of products available there as well.

Marisota Blog

Another cool feature on the site is their blog. Obviously, this is another space where fashion is highlighted. Instead of showing actual items, though, the columns are used to talk about current trends, ideas and advice for wearing certain types of clothes or overall looks.

Checking Out

When you’ve finished your shopping experience, there are a number of payment options you can go with. These include Visa, Mastercard and others. For buyers in the UK, purchases can be delivered by the next day so you can wear your new items in less than 24 hours after clicking on “buy.” Marisota also offers easy returns, so you can basically shop risk free knowing you can simply send your purchase back if it doesn’t work out like you thought it would.

So if you want to look your best and have a large selection to choose from, head over to Marisota today.

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How To Use Marisota Discount Code

How to use Marisota Discount Code

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