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Fashion for The Family:  An English Solution

Nowadays, there is any number of places to buy cloths.  However, what has often remained elusive in the world of clothing is a store that supports not only fashion for the entire family, but is also affordable enough to suit even those on a budget.

Of all the online retail outlets, only one rises to and meets this growing challenge.  Matalan, known throughout the United Kingdom not only has a host of retail locations, but a diverse and interesting online presence that extends well beyond cloths.  From low price, diverse choices, fashion awareness, trends, brands, shoes and a fitting room, Matalan strives to offer it all.  Lets take a look to see if Matalan will work for you.

So, what does Matalan offer?

A better question is to ask what Matalan doesn’t offer.  For woman, there are major categories like active and leisure as well as winter wear and upcoming fashions.  Matalan offers dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers, coats, lingerie, nightwear, footwear, and accessories.  There is also as extensive of a men’s selection.  To complete the whole family, Matalan offers a whole host of clothing for boys and girls, including school clothing and shoes.  Finally, offers a wide range of homewear, including bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and travel.  With so much to chose from, it is easy to get lost in the amazing selection!

How Much Does it Cost?

One of the signatures of Matalan is a variety of styles for the entire family at affordable prices.  This means dresses as low as 10 pounds when on sale,  and a whole host of other inexpensive fashionable clothing.  Matalan accepts all major credit cards.  In addition, Matalan supports payments through paypal.

Taking a look at Rewards

Buying a rewards card for your purchase can lead to a whole host of additional benefits and sales.  Easy to set up, Matalan will give you a birthday voucher, and enter you in a monthly reward card competition You will also be immediately updated on new fashions and trend.  In addition, if you spend over 150 a year, you are eligible for the VIP Black Card, which provides even more exclusive deals and saving.

Other Special Features

A signature feature of Matalan is the extensive style guide provided.  This includes statements, trends, ways of wearing cloths, design projects, key looks and popular collections.  In addition, Matalan offers a movies section, where people talk about their styles, offering tips and advice for looking fashionable.

Finally, Matalan has a special feature called the fitting room.  What the fitting room does is allow you to construct an outfit from any item sold at Matalan!  That means you can combines cloths to see what works and what doesn’t even before purchasing.  Matalan takes this one step further by including a social media component, allowing you to share you favorite outfits with friends and family.

Information Regarding the Shipping Policy

Matalan offers any number of ways to bring your purchase to you.  The first is an in house feature, where if you pick up your purchase from a Matalan store, then the shipping is paid for by the company.  This feature can save you up to 4.50 in delivery costs.  It normally takes 3 to 4 days for your order to arrive at whatever store you chose.  If you fancy shopping from your own home and having it delivered, save yourself some time by making use of the standard delivery for only 3.50.

If there is  a pressing engagement you must have your order by, then chose next day shipping for 4.50.  Next day shipping requires ordering before 5 pm on the previous day, (Monday through Friday.)  It should also be noted that you get free standard shipping for all orders over 50.  Finally, Matalan does not ship outside of the United Kingdom, including Ireland.

So, What is the Return Policy Like?

Matalan also has a comprehensive return policy in-case your order does not turn out to your liking.  The primary point is that all articles returned must be in return condition (re-saleable) to be processed.  Products must be returned with the original receipt, be that either the online form sent with your purchase or the physical receipt handed to you when leaving the store.  Though you can return by post, you can also return to the store for exchange or money back.  This policy is in addition to your statuary rights.

Where Does that Leave Us?

Matalan has a whole host of features, as well as an excellent collection of cloths from a wide assortment of brands.  From toddlers to grown men, there is a good chance that Matalan will have what you are looking for.  With good quality inexpensive clothing, there is little chance you will leave in any state but satisfaction.

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