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Staying Ahead and Fashion Conscious with Missguided

Have you been at this point in your life? You know exactly what you want, and you know how you want to look, but finding a fashion that brings the true you out seems impossible. This happens to everyone. We wear our personalities at the ends of our sleeves, and how we are dressed reflects on how we see the world and live in it. As a result, clothing can be everything, and tricky to get right.

Like a growing number of people, I recently discovered Miss Guided as a kind of ‘panacea’ to all my fashion woes. I mean it, before I discovered this website, I literally could not get an outfit together. Now, I look fantastic. So what about Miss Guided makes it worth looking around, and what about it has helped me out? Lets break it down, and I will talk about my experience when discovering this awesome site.
After a random Google image search, I find this awesome dress, and get brought to Miss Guided.

“Wow” I say as I look at the dress. I must have that. My heart falls however, because I’ve seen this all before. Flashy dresses, interesting cloths categories, all things just hiding a pricey sticker and expensive shipping costs. However, with more searching I was pleasantly surprised.

First, the dresses, tops, skirts, etc, were not super expensive. That’s right. These were brand name clothing I could afford. Dresses ranged around 50 to 60 pounds, with the most expensive being £135. Tops were even cheaper and however around £20. Finally, they had a “sweet deals” category that was just crazy. With dresses and cloths around £10, I had to practice self control not to immediately buy. Finally, Miss Guided offered a few different currency options, translating everything between the US dollar, British Pound, European Euro, and Australian Dollar. Now that is convenient.
My next, question, was if I could find what exactly what I wanted among everything www.missguided.co.uk offered.

I couldn’t buy everything, so I needed a way to search around the site, and was pleasantly surprised by all the different ways I could narrow down my search. A panel on the left allowed for a detailed selection. Using the options, I could look for an orange sequin size 8 dress for 20 dollars. Thankfully (for everyone else in my life) no options came up. However, I just pressed clear all and chose a more sane choice. Burgundy party dress? Yes please.

The website was also really easy to use, and I found choosing what I wanted, from selecting the icon to placing the order, to be efficient and quick. The website is streamlined in its style, with a page dedicated to each product. This includes a zoom in feature for the variety of angled shots they have for each piece of clothing, allowing for more detailed looked. Finally, everything from an extensive description to sizes and a listing of related products helped make using Miss Guided a fun experience.
Ok, I like you may now be interested in missguided.co.uk. Is there anything else that I should know? I mean, do they have things like special features?

Miss Guided has a social component, where they offer numerous ways for you to show your support and become connected. In addition, Miss Guided has its own blog where they review outfits, cool fashion, and everything related to clothing.

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