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Initial Impression

One of the most accessible online luxury retailers serving the United Kingdom (and the rest of the world, for that matter), Molton Brown has established itself as a “go to” destination for those that want to purchase affordable personal care luxuries, skin care products, hair care products, and men’s or women’s fragrance collections.

So much more than just a boutique retailer, you’ll be able to purchase directly from Molton Brown at prices that simply aren’t going to be available anywhere else. On top of that, you’ll be able to comb their entire product lineup with no limitations, giving you the chance to order merchandise that may not be made available anywhere else.

The people behind Molton Brown are serious about making sure that their members are well taken care of each and every single time they visit this online retailer.

If you decide to sign up for their free email guest list, not only will you receive regular news and updates about product launches, specialty sales and exclusive promotions, but you’ll also get the opportunity to take advantage of member only discounts that aren’t going to be opened up to the general public.

Combine that with the fact that they offer an effortless checkout process and one of the most straightforward shipping calculators in the market, and you’re looking at one of the most impressive online retailers around.

If you’re in the market for top-notch skin or hair care products, or want to order luxury gifts for loved ones, Molton Brown has you covered.

It’s a bit of a challenge trying to find negatives or drawbacks to moving forward with Molton Brown, as they have really nailed down all of the important essentials when it comes to an online luxury retailer.

Product lines are routinely updated

Special Features

The email guest list (free email guest list, at that) is going to provide all members with access to unparalleled exclusive promotions and “hidden” deals and discounts that others will not have the advantage to leverage.

It’s definitely worth signing up for!

Final Verdict

All things considered, the Molton Brown collection is well worth browsing if you’re looking for high-end health, body, skin, or hair care items. These are all available at unbelievably low prices, and as an email guest list subscriber, you’ll be entitled to even more substantial discounts.