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Though the name is New Look, the company has actually been alive and well in the UK for over four decades. No matter what kind of look you’re going for, the company has just about every high-fashion article of clothing you could want.

Early Days

New Look started in the UK with just one fashion store back in 1969. They’ve certainly come a long way since then. Today, New Look has more than 600 physical locations to their name throughout the United Kingdom. There are another 200 located all across Europe, North America, Asia (including China) and the Middle East.

In 1988, the company celebrated opening their first store in France. By 1994, they had 200 stores to their name. Two years later, they launched Generation 915, a brand targeting the teenage demographic. The London Stock Exchange would begin selling their shares by 98. Customers between sizes 18 and 26 would finally get a shot at beautiful New Look clothes in 2000 with the company’s Inspire range.

Modern Times

2000 was also the year that a French fashion company, MIM, joined New Look. In 2003, they looked the other direction by launching their first menswear collection in the Republic of Ireland. That year they also celebrated their 500th store, opening it on Oxford Street.

New Look started a maternity collection in 2004 for expecting mothers who still wanted to look great and feel confident. This was also the year New Look became a private company once more, removing their shares from the London Stock Exchange.

This didn’t slow the company any, though, as they had a presence in Belgium within two years. Then in 2006, they teamed up with supermodel Kelly Brook to design  new swimwear and lingerie collection. This would not be the last time they would team up with a famous celebrity though. Lily Allen would lend her credentials to the brand in 2007 along with Giles Deacon.

Though New Look may be well known for their garments, they became the number one retailer for footwear by volume in all of the United Kingdom by 2007. This was also the year their website launched and was open for business. A year after that, they opened distribution centers in Istanbul and Singapore.

Two years later, the company opened a support center in London. This was also the year they celebrated their 40th anniversary and opened their 1,000 store, located in Bath. To top it all off, they would launch their charity foundation this same year too.

The company built a four-floor flagship store in 2010 on Oxford Street. A new store was also built in Poland that year.

In 2011, they really changed things up with their first television show called New Look Style the Nation, on Channel 4.Their app came out that year too.

The  Website

Despite all their physical stores, New Look sees plenty of sales through their website. In fact, they shop to more than 120 countries all over the world. So popular is their website that they actually generate 10% of their revenues through it. So if you don’t have a New Look store nearby, the results of their website speaks for themselves. Even if you do have a local option, if you don’t feel like making the trip, their website has enough to offer to secure millions of pounds in revenues despite the hundreds of stores that exist out there.

Social Media

New Look has also been a fine example of how much social media can benefit a company. With success that stretches back more than 40 years, it might not seem like social media is necessary. Yet the company has embraced this new form of online community and arguably been much better off for it.

Today, they have an enviable social media presence that can be leveraged to drive traffic either to their website or a physical store. The company has well over three million fans on Facebook, with more joining every day. On Twitter, they continue collecting followers, with somewhere near 200,000 of them at the moment. Most companies, even ones much larger than New Look, would be very happy with just a fraction of this kind of social media support to rely on.

In fact, outside of social media, New Look has done a phenomenal job engaging their customers, which probably helps to explain their sustained success over the years. They have another 2.5 million people who have signed up with the company for ongoing email alerts.

So whenever New Look wants  to announce a sale, special offer or new product line, all they have to do is access one of their customer engagement tools and millions of people can know within minutes.

If you want a new look, this company’s name says it all. However, there’s nothing new about their business. With decades to their name and innovations happening every year, New Look is far from done.

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