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Ocado is an online grocery store that sells a wide variety of foods and also sells things you’d need for the kitchen and home.  They deliver, often within an hour and sell things inexpensively that were gotten from responsible sources.  It’s a great store for those who can’t get out to the regular grocery store or want some gourmet items that can’t easily bought unless purchased online.

Ocado Own Label

Ocado has its own labeled products just for you.  These are quality items that are sensibly priced.  They have meats that are fresh and gotten from responsible sources, veggies, refrigerator items, and a great bakery.

The bakery is currently selling hot cross buns in both regular and chocolate varieties, pita bread, ciabatta buns and bread, many different kinds of bread and wraps for your wrapped sandwiches.

Fridge items under the Ocado own label include slabs of ham, cheeses, olives, cucumbers and a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.  There are  hundreds of foods to choose from under the Ocado own label so you should have no problem finding something to make dinner or have a snack that is endorsed by Ocado personally.

Specialty Holiday Items

Depending on the season, there will be a section on holiday items.  For example, during the Easter season there will be Easter candy like Cadbury eggs, chocolate bunnies, and other types of candy.

If you’re looking to have an Easter party, all the cool Easter favors are available, from napkins, little Easter baskets for the guests, and Easter games your guests can play.  It has stuff for icing an Easter cake and plates with an Easter theme.

When it isn’t Easter, they have Halloween themed section, summer themed sections and a large Christmas themed section.  In just one place, you can find just about anything you need for the holiday season.

Wines and Champagnes

They have a very small section for wines and champagnes but they make up for it by sharing with you the meat that pairs with the champagne.  Right now, they are featuring Gauthier Brut Non Champagne paired with smoked salmon.

In other sections of the store, they sell more than 1300 varieties of wine, including Pinot Grigio, numerous white wines and a large store of red wines, all reasonably priced and available to be shipped to your home. All you need to do is put “wines” in the search engine box at the top of every page and you’ll find the large selection of wines and champagnes.


There is a huge sale section of sale items which give the consumer a great deal off on grocery items.  This includes half off on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, half off certain brands of white wine and a buy one, get one free, on packages of strawberries.

You can completely fill your cupboards and fridge with half off or a third off items. There are so many items to choose from, you never have to leave the sale section of the store to get grocery items at great prices.

If you want to make a meal for cheap, all you have to do is purchase half off spaghetti, good buys on chopped tomatoes and good buys on spaghetti spices.  Pair it with a fifty percent off white wine of your choice and you have a meal that cost very little.  It’s just that easy.

Comparison Shopping

Ocado practices comparison shopping.  For example, if something is cheaper at somewhere else, ocado.com will match the price for you.  Just show them the advertisement regarding the low price and Ocado will match it.  And remember, Ocado is an online supermarket that delivers your food for you to your doorstep, just as fresh as it was in the store.  The site uses refrigerated trucks for delivery so have your stuff delivered cold and fresh.  This is especially important when it comes to fresh fish and fresh meats that are sold at the store.

They also know Tesco’s prices so if your total price is more than what you would have paid at Tesco, you will receive a voucher of up to 10 British Pounds to purchase food at the Ocado store at a later time.  They have a low price promise that makes it a great place to purchase all your groceries online.


There are literally thousands of food items to choose from, including diet Coke, regular Coke, grapes, organic tomatoes and pearl potatoes.  While they do have candy and other sweets, much of what they sell is organic and designed to make meals rather than simply throw a dish in the microwave and eat it.  Organic food must meet certain quality control measures to be able to be declared organic.  Watch for organic foods at Ocado because there are a great many of them.

Many of the products are unique to Great Britain.  They have Scottish mussels in cream and white wine sauce, which is unique to Scotland.  Some products do not say what the item is but only list the brand and a picture of the item.  You have to be familiar with the brand to know exactly what the product is.

The Future of Shopping

With people so busy with activities and work, there seems to be little time for actually going to the grocery store and shopping for groceries.  Ocado is the future of grocery shopping.  You only need to click on the site, choose your items and they will be delivered to your home when you need them.

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How to use Ocado Discount Code

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