Office Joke Ideas

Working in an office building can create a certain monotonous atmosphere. To help relieve the humdrum of the day, many workers like to find some form of humour to get through it. Jokes in the form of light-hearted pranks is the most popular option for getting some laughs around the office. They can help people feel like kids again and allows them to share the fun with others. The following are some popular office joke ideas that can be done in most office settings.

Mice are the easiest computer peripheral to prank with.

The rise of the optical mouse have made it possible to prank people around the office in a way that is easy to do and undo. The best thing to use is some clear desk tape. Simply take a small square of tape and place it over the optical output. This hard to detect prank can make a mouse seem completely unresponsive. When placed correctly, against a dark bottom mouse, it can even be hard to detect on a quick glance. Some people opt to use amusing messages on sticky notes, or taping bits of paper with messages, to do the trick.

Joke Office

Getting a bit more complicated, tricking out the computer screen can be amusing.

This joke requires bit more effort, but can be done pretty quickly. Using the Print Screen key, take a screen shot of a computers screen. Open the window’s paint program and use Ctrl + V to past the screen shot you captured. Save the file using any name, but making sure to save it as a .jpg file and to save it to the desktop. Once this is done, make a new folder on the desktop, of make and existing folder inside a folder that is already on the desktop. Move all of the icons on the desktop to the new folder, except the Recycle Bin Icon. Then unlock the task bar and minimize the size of the bar until its small and next to impossible to trigger. The last step is to set the screen shoot you save as the new background. When done correctly, it will look exactly as it did before. The person will not know what happened, only that nothing except the recycling bin is being responsive. When executing this trick be sure to stay close by, so that the person does not completely loose their mind trying to resolve it.

Switch offices around and act like nothing happened.

This is one that is great for co-workers who go on vacation. Taking the time to completely move desks around and reset things up to look like they had been there all along is a great way to mess with people. When it comes to cubicles, the whole cubicle shuffle concept is a great way to prank others and even mess with mail room deliverers. Outside for moving around desks, another common prank around the over is to cover an entire desk in something such as; cling wrap, aluminium foil, or sticky notes. Sticky notes are also popular for covering other things for an amusing prank. Covering anything from office desks to entire cars, the ingenuity and humour of plastering sticky notes is a common theme among office joke ideas.

Cubicles are also great for the mass fill and crime scene pranks. Blowing up enough balloons to fill up the entire cubicle can take some preparation time but among office joke ideas, it is one that many people find great for birthdays. Using birthday banner or other paper ribbons to keep the entrance closed and the balloons in is another aspect of the joke. The other popular cubicle joke is done with the help of Halloween caution tape and some electrical tape.  The execution is to make a body outline on the floor with the electrical tape and then cover the entrance with the caution tape. Another Halloween themed prank is to toilet paper the working space like some pranksters do to houses.


Chair tinkering office joke ideas.

Office chairs are another area that many people use as a source of an easy joke. There are three major types of pranks that can be done with most office chairs. The first prank is to simple readjust the levers and seating position. The second common prank is to take it a step further and to affix the seat adjustment lever in a way that can be easy or a bit more difficult to undo. Using duct tape or a zip, press the lever up and secure it to the underside of the seat. When someone goes to to sit down the chair will slide down to its lowest position and resist being reset. Taking the pranks up a notch and not to be done unless the other person has a good sense of humour, you can get an air horn and tape or zip tie it under the seat. When positioned just right, it will go off when someone sits down. To keep the can from being easily seen, either use it with chairs that are tucked under desks, or cover it with black electrical tape.

Drawer swap, unplugging peripherals, and other simple office joke ideas.

Simple office joke ideas often revolve around quick to do ideas. When the office uses desks that are all the same, switching out desk drawers is a quick and easy joke that can get a lot of easy laughs. Simple unplugging peripherals, such as mice and keyboards is also another mild prank that is often done around the office which can be good for a quick laugh. On grander scales, a common office prank is to dim every monitor. It can be done simply and create quite the stir when people think at first there is something wrong with all the computers. Though it is one joke to not let run too far, some do just sit back and watch the chaos, like many good office joke ideas, the key is to never take it too far.