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Papa John’s Makes Delicious Dinners Fast and Easy

When you are not in the mood to cook or when you simple don’t have the time, a piping hot pizza always sounds good.  Grab a phone book or start searching the web for places nearby and you’ll probably find more than you need.  Searching for the best place through trial and error is possible, but it doesn’t make any sense.  Save yourself some time and trouble by just dialing up Papa John’s instead.  They make it really easy for you to order a delicious dinner and it’s always delivered steaming hot in less than an hour.

The Store Locator

In case you don’t want to wait around for your delivery, Papa John’s has restaurants in convenient locations all over the world.  To find the closest location, just visit their website and use the handy Store Locator tool on the main page. It will take you to the nearest restaurant and allow you begin placing your order immediately.

The Speedy Delivery

Papa John’s promises to have your order delivered by a clean and friendly employee within 30 minutes of you submitting your order.  Apparently, the restaurant owners want customers to keep the staff on their toes, because you can track the progress of your order each step of the way.  Once you place your order you receive a confirmation email with a live infographic that allows you to see how your pizza is doing every step of the way (and when it is in transit to your door too).

The Obsession

Ordering a pizza from a great restaurant that offers quick delivery is one thing, but what happens when the pizza you get is unappetizing?  Taking that chance when you’re already short on time and/or patience is not a very good idea.  Use the famous Papa John’s obsession to your advantage.  It states that if you do not absolutely love the pizza, pasta, or side that you’re delivered then Papa John’s will make and deliver an entirely new order for free.  If that doesn’t make offering a deliciously simple dinner a whole lot easier, then nobody knows what does.

The Pay Options

At the end of the transaction, you want to pay for your order as quickly as possible so you can start eating.  Papa John’s makes that easy too.  You can pay with cash when your order is delivered, pay with a card when you place your order online, or even use your PayPal account.