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About Pharmacys2U

There are millions of people around the world who require things from their local pharmacy, whether they have a regular prescription that you pick up or if they need over-the-counter medicine for the common cold or flu. Imagine what it would be like to avoid having to drive yourself to the pharmacy on a regular basis when you can easily have your medications and other products delivered straight to your door. Pharmacy 2U is a company that provides customers with the ability to do just that and the best part is that it is so convenient.

The Online Prescription Process

The majority of people that shop with Pharmacy 2U are looking for ways to have their prescriptions delivered to their homes which is why they give their customers the ability to order NHS prescriptions and private prescriptions online. With the help of the NHS Prescription Service you can get your repeat prescriptions delivered to you entirely for free. All you have to do is register for the service on the company’s website. According to their website you’re able to get all of your private prescriptions for much less than what you would find from high street locations. They also offer next day delivery to your office and your home with discreet packaging and confidential delivery included.

Shopping for Medicine

If you’re suffering from an ailment that requires the assistance of over-the-counter medicine, you can easily find suggested products online without having to speak to a pharmacist. At the top of their home page you can click the “Pharmacy” link which will take you to all of their non-prescription items. You are then presented with a variety of products categories including: health, sexual well being, beauty, medicines, embarrassing ailments, and more. Though it is important to note that if you want to speak to a medical professional, Pharmacy 2U has an online doctor.

Saving Money on Orders

Medicine and prescriptions can be expensive, especially for people who have to regularly go to their local pharmacy. With the Pharmacy 2U website you’re able to browse through a variety of items that are said to be marked substantially lower than high street prices. The main page for the pharmacy also includes items that have been recently reduced from their regular retail prices and at times you can get up to 50% off of MSRP. Another great place to look for ways that you can save on your order is the “Special Offers” page.