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Five Reasons Why Plain Lazy T-Shirts Rock

Buying the first t-shirt you come across is always the quickest way to fill up your closet, but it’s not the wisest.  Did you know that there’s a better way to get dressed, and that it’s made 100% from natural materials?  Yes, the Earth is a bountiful place filled with blessings galore.  So, why not wear some of those blessings in the form of Plain Lazy gear?  Not convinced yet?  Here are 5 excellent reasons why rocks.

  1. Everything is Completely Organic

You can wear a Plain Lazy t-shirt or hoodie and feel good about yourself knowing that you are supporting the organic revolution.  There are enough chemicals in the food you eat, so why would you want to wear even more of them?  With Plain Lazy gear you don’t have to.  You can reduce your carbon footprint and still look amazing by going completely organic in your wardrobe.

  1. Items Are Made of Bamboo

It turns out that bamboo is a great material for more than just your household furniture.  Since gear is comprised of 100% organic materials including bamboo, their t-shirts and hats have some amazing properties.  No, you won’t feel like you’re wearing a coffee table on your back.  Bamboo is actually very soft, which is Plain Lazy clothes are so comfortable.

  1. Protects Against Harmful UV Rays

How awesome is it that bamboo is a natural protectant against harmful UV rays from the sun?  When you’re out and about, the last thing you want to worry about is getting a bad sunburn or worse.  Plain Lazy clothes, hats, and accessories are all natural UV blockers, which means you can stay active outside for a long time without worrying about a thing.

  1. Bamboo is Moisture Wicking

Think about it: bamboo is commonly found in rainforests where the moisture levels are off the charts.  Bamboo is a wood, which means it has to remain somewhat dry.  That means it is natural moisture wicking.  So, if your clothing is made from bamboo then you will stay dryer while wearing it as a result.  In other words, bamboo keeps moisture from pooling up on your body – so, no more pit stains.

  1. Plain Lazy Gear has Anti-Bacterial Properties

It looks like chose bamboo for a lot of good reasons, especially considering how it naturally fights bacteria.  Yes, you read that right. gear is made from bamboo and bamboo is a natural anti-bacterial.  Walk around feeling confident and stay clean while you’re at it.