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About River Island

Offering Unique Styles At Affordable Rates:  River Island

What if a single store had all the styles, clothes, and accessories you wanted?  Working to that end and stressing affordable fashion, River Island is a unique online retailer.  Let’s take a moment to see what they offer and whether or not they are the right company for you and your family.

About River Island

River Island is a fast growing clothing retailer that sells a wide range of products online including clothing and accessories for women’s, men’s girl’s and boy’s fashion.  Selling to North America and Europe, River Island provides a full range of clothing, shoes, boots, and accessories online.  With an incredible selection, it can take some time to browse through everything they have to offer.

Why Consider River Island?

River Island’s goal is to remain the dynamic and relevant to the needs of you and your family.  One way that it does this is through their featured selections category, where they post relevant information on a range of subjects having to do with trends for upcoming seasons and considerations regarding fashion in general.  Tied into many promotional deals they have running, their featured selections are often matched with a full range of discounts offered through online sales.  Some of these sails can be up to 50% off on a lot of what is offered through the store.

There is the full range of customer service options at River Island.  This includes the basic account creation and opt-in for newsletters and promotional deals.  It also includes the ability to create a wishlist of items for yourself and have them saved for future use.  Finally, you can use their size guides to see if something is correctly measured before purchasing.  Detailed product information with numerous pictures allows you a range of angles and product descriptions are richly detailed.

Additional Features Offered By River Island

River Island will pay all import duties on items you purchase.  This is done to help keep the costs down for you and eliminate the hassle of having to figure out this aspect of shipping on your own.  Also, River Island has its own set of rules for returning items, providing you the opportunity to send things back if they are not right.  If you have a problem, contact information is provided for you to quickly get back to them.  Finally, they offer gift cards for those looking to presents for friends of loved ones.  Overall, River Island provides a range of styles that do not disappoint at a price that will work for you.