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About Samsung

In this modern day and age, gadgets, smartphones, and other handheld devices are beginning to take over the conventional laptop and desktops we’ve all learned to love. Offering unparalleled convenience that fits perfectly in the palm of our hands, smartphones have become an essential if one wants to live alongside the rest of the population.

There are lots of heavyweights in the electronics industry offering consumers some of the most advanced pieces of technology the world has seen. They’ve become so celebrated in fact, that people often eagerly anticipate the release of brand new devices. Samsung, a South Korean electronics company, has been one of the front liners in the industry, going up against other big names such as Apple. With innovative features, top-of-the-line capabilities, and seamless convenience, Samsung products have taken the world by storm.

More about Samsung

Samsung was founded in 1938 by a man named Byun-Chull Lee in Daegu, Korea. While we know this multi-billion dollar enterprise as an electronics authority, its humble beginnings as a dried Korean fish, vegetable, and fruit exporter might surprise most people. After years of success in expanding the original business and purchasing insurance companies along the way, Samsung-Sanyo Electronics was established in 1969.

Samsung had already become a popular name on home soil, but the founders and executives wanted to reach a wider audience. So by 1989, Samsung had found itself entering the global market after the founding of Samsung BP Chemicals.

Today, Samsung is widely regarded as one of the top contenders in the electronics industry. This multi-billion dollar company has been the recipient of countless awards and accolades, making it a well-trusted consumer choice worldwide.

Samsung Products

When Samsung found its niche in the global electronics marketplace, it continued to create new innovations and developments that, to this day, continue to redefine consumer electronics as we know it. There have been hundreds of releases, countless smartphone models, and numerous upgrades, features, and advanced capabilities that compete with US-based electronic heavyweight, Apple.

Samsung’s smartphones have become a staple in the global market, offering consumers a vast selection of functions and applications that make living in this modern day and age easy and convenient. Samsung has continued to wow audiences with their releases, gaining the brand a stable and loyal following in nations all over the globe. The once humble South Korean brand, through years of innovation and development, has made itself one of the biggest brands in all the world with their high-quality products and reliable services.