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About Scribbler

In this modern, digital day and age, it’s hard to find time to personalize items. Oftentimes, you’ll see a ready-made card slapped on to gifts no matter how special the occasion, digital images posted on social media accounts as greetings for birthdays, and even plain and simple text messages to send well-wishes. These days, everything’s generic and it’s rare that you’ll find greetings and wishes personalized just for you.

The convenience of the digital age has caused us to turn away from the good old fashioned greeting card. Whatever happened to those cute little snippets of thoughts and greetings? Whatever happened to going the extra mile just to tell someone you thought about them today? Well, although not as common a practice as it used to be, personalized greeting cards still exist all thanks to Scribbler.

More about Scribbler

There is no beating the convenience of the digital age. And so as they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Scribbler has managed to merge convenience with good old fashioned thoughtfulness and came up with this unique service. Scribbler allows individuals to select, edit, personalize, and purchase greeting cards online for same day postage (if you place your orders by 2 P.M.) This company has been in the greeting card business for more than 30 years which has gained them a strong reputation in the industry. Now, there’s no struggle to find the perfect greeting card for your family and friends – Scribbler has got it all!

Scribbler Products

Purchasing your greeting cards at Scribbler is as easy as one, two, three. First, select a card from their extensive card design catalogue. There are tons of designs to choose from fit for every and all occasions. You’ll spend hours just browsing through their wide range of designs! Once you’ve got your template down, you can opt to add images, graphics, logos, photos, or text to make it more personal. This is where the fun starts as you try your hand at figuring out what your recipient would want to see when they open the post. Finally, pay for the card and have it sent out on the same day (if you make it to cut off time) so you can let your loved ones know that hey, I was thinking about you toady!

Scribbler is a pleasant way to surprise an old friend or to remember a far-away family member. So, let them know you thought about them today and send out a Scribbler card just for them!