Six Entertaining Ways to Amuse Yourself Without Ending Up in Jail

Let’s face it. Boredom sucks. All too often we find ourselves forced to tag along on a shopping trip, or sit and wait for a doctor’s appointment with no magazines besides those designed for parents that show you the best way to feed your baby creamed spinach. Educational perhaps, but not amusing. And not the way we’d like to spend an hour or so. Wouldn’t it be great to spend that time doing something creative, something fun instead? Of course it would.

Here are four ways to make the time you would spend staring off into space into time where you let your sense of whimsy out for a stroll. Some are simple exercises to spark your creativity. Others may be a stretch for those more on the shy side, but a stretch is often good for your social muscles.

I also Like to Live Dangerously

Let me offer a word of warning first though. If you decided to elaborate on some of these or come up with new ones of your own, remember that what may be amusing to you could be annoying to others. It is also not cool to amuse yourself at others’ expense. So keep kindness as your guide and humor as your weapon so that your attempts at personal amusement don’t land you in jail.

Open up Your Inner Artist

You may not be able to let your body wander but just about anywhere is a place where your mind can be let loose for a walk. Better yet, take a stroll through the playground of your thoughts and see what’s happening. Find paper (a shopping bag, a napkin, a receipt), and a pen then do a little drawing. Doodling is actually good for you. It sparks your creativity and who knows? It could open up a new career, or at least a hobby.

Plan an Exciting Getaway

Put that cellphone to good use by Google a place you know nothing about. Research what there is to do there, what the weather is like, what the place is famous for. Then plan a trip there. Get airline prices, find deals on hotel rooms or tours. Maybe you can even plan out an itinerary for your entire trip if you have the time.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Chances are that wherever you end up sitting while you wait, there are other folks sitting there with you. Strike up a random conversation with the person sitting next to you. You can even ask personal questions because you probably aren’t ever going to see them again.

Writing the Great Novel in Your Head

If your social skills aren’t up to random rambling, try people watching. Look around you at the interactions that are going on and fill in the blanks. Make up stories in your head to go with the words or the looks. You might find you’re pretty good at this and then you can call yourself a writer.