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Sports are as popular in the UK as they are anywhere else in the world. While soccer is always going to be the favored form of competition there, it’s far from the only one people enjoy. Given what a huge country of fans there, to say nothing about the Continent, it was inevitable that a sports superstore would pop up and offer absolutely everything. That’s exactly what’s happened with Continue reading to find out why they’re your one-stop-shop for all the sports gear you need.

The History Behind

Long before it was known as, it was just one store in Maidenhead started by a man named Mike Ashley back in 1982. It kept the name Mike Ashley Sports for 14 years before changing to “Sports Soccer” in 1996 and acquiring Donnay. Then, in 2000, they opened a shop in Belgium. Two years later the company purchased Lilywhites stores as well as the Lonsdale brand. Acquisitions continued in 2004 with Dunlop, Carlton, Slazenger and Karrimor. In 2005 they acquired four more brand. 2006 was huge, when the company acquired Kangol, one of the most popular brands in the entire world.
In 2007, the company became listed on the London Stock Exchange. Since that time SportsDirect has acquired 10 more brands and expanded their stores’ reach across Europe.
Since changing its name from Mike Ashley Sports and undergoing significant growth, the store has become the UK’s largest retailer of sporting goods both in terms of revenue and operating profit. Their internet presence now includes more than 470 different stores targeting just about every sport and niche available. They also own and operate physical stores in Ireland, France, Belgium, Portugal, Slovenia and Holland. Their goal is to be in every major European market by 2018.
Sports Direct didn’t become this big without offering the best brands. They offer all the big names in sports products like Reebok, Londsale, Slazenger, Karrimor, Dunlop and Umbro. This kind of selection combined with their ever-present stores makes Sports Direct an easy choice for most people.

Products for Sale

Sports Direct really does do a good job of offering just about every product an athlete could want. Their categories include Men’s, Kids, Ladies, Accessories, and Football shirts. You can also search by the sport you play and the band you’re looking for. Their website regularly features sports news too, in order to keep fans up to date while they shop
SportDirect also offers a number of items regularly on clearance. Savings have been seen as high 80% and even 90%.

Environmental Responsibility

Though Sports Direct is fond of turning over massive profits, there is clearly more to their goals than just money. The company is dedicated to doing their part when it comes to environmental concerns.
They have been able to reduce their electrical intake 25% since an uptick during the last Olympics.
The company is also looking for ways to decrease the amount of garbage they produce to keep it more of it out of landfills. As such, they can boast some pretty impressive statistics for 2013. They recycled 6425 electrical equipment units, 58 tons worth of waste paper, 8893 tons worth of cardboard, 107 tons worth of metal and 508 tons worth of plastic. Almost all of these numbers are significantly higher than those for the year before.
The future is bright for Sports Direct and their website Thanks to their aggressive expansion into Europe, the sports gear selling giant won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Lately, however, the company has been making headlines not for their success in business, but for their dedication to the environment.

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