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Superdrug Provides All the Beauty Supplies You Need

Thanks to a website called Superdrug (, all the beauty products you need can now be found in one place. No more bouncing around between shops before you had everything you needed. With, your beauty is just a click away.

The History of Superdrug
Back in 2002, the company joined the AS Watson family. But their actual roots go as far back as 1964. It was then that the Goldstein family started their business with just one storefront. Kingfisher bought the store from them in 1987.
Superdrug would make another big move the next year when it purchased the chain store, Tip Top. It would be only be one more year before their next acquisition, was made of the Medicare chain. Then in 2001, the company itself was purchased by Kruidvat Beheer BV, a Dutch beauty products shop. ASW then bought it from the Dutch. All this means for you, the customer, that there is a wealth of business experience behind each and every transaction you take part of with Superdrug.

The Products
You’d have a hard time finding a beauty product Superdrug doesn’t supply on their website. Categories they include are Make Up, Skin, Fragrance, Hair, Toiletries, Mens, Baby, Electricals, Health, Brands, Offers and Online Dr. These last two are especially interesting.

Offers Page
Their Offers category is a way for Superdrug to help their customers save every day. It features all kinds of savings (i.e. “2 for 3”, 30% off, etc.) on an array of products, many of which are name brand.

Including Brands
In case you’d rather shop by your favorite brand, Superdrug has you covered. Everything from Adidas to Mitchum to St. Ives are featured on Superdrug.

Humane Policies
Superdrug is more than just a place to go so you can look pretty later. It’s an online store that is dedicated to humane policies as well.
They see themselves as providers for their customers, needing to work hard to make sure they’re always provided the best deals. In 2005, for example, they were able to talk the UK government down from a 17.5% VAT on condoms to just 5%.
Another example is their work with SKCin, a skin cancer charity out of the UK. They’ve teamed up to not just spread awareness about the realities of skin cancer, but to ensure that school-aged children have the products they need to effectively protect themselves.
Superdrug also holds themselves to a high environmental policy. One example is an internal campaign they’ve started to reduce the amount of fuel their fleet of HGVs uses.
The company also looks to do away with unnecessary packaging so as not to create equally unnecessary waste
They research the working conditions of those responsible for their own brands and lines. Superdrug wants to ensure that just because a worker may be from a developing country, doesn’t mean they’re forced to expect less in terms of environmental, safety and health measures.
Lastly, Superdrug takes a staunch stance against any kind of animal testing. None of the brands Superdrug produces themselves ever sees the inside of an animal cage. In fact, their B. Skincare and Makeup collection is certified as cruelty free and approved for vegans.

Everything You Need Under One Roof
Whether you need a complete new supply of beauty products, are just interested in a single type or are simply in the market to peruse, you can’t go wrong by visiting Superdrug. The online store has just about every beauty product under the sun. however, instead of shirking their responsibility and attempting to pass the buck to others, Superdrug works diligently to make the market a better place.

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