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Bargain Hunters Be Aware!

How would you like to save as much as £40 on popular home and leisure products?  Tesco Direct has a giant clearance sale going on now!  You can save on toys, home décor, electronics, and books among other departments!

The Online Shopping Buzz

Perhaps you enjoy the experience of a shopping trip, but unless you live in the city, you could be traveling an hour or more just to reach the big department stores.  By shopping online, you save yourself time and energy as well as fuel and money.

With Tesco, you can save your resources by selecting from several different categories.  You can browse, or search directly for a specific product.  Searching only in one category for a specific need can help you avoid costly impulse buys.  You can leave an online store with only what is on your list!  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Not to mention, your children can’t sneak anything into a virtual cart!  No more surprises at the checkout counter!

Great Offers!

Not only does tesco.com have a clearance category, they also have other special offers that vary throughout the year.  In preparation for Valentine’s Day, they have a virtual seasonal section for gift ideas.  If you need help finding the perfect gift, you can get ideas from their selection.  If you do decide to order something, it will already be a boxed mystery!

Some of the great Valentine’s Day offers Tesco has displayed are separate sections for his and her gifts, as well as a £10 and under section.  They also have a Night In section that has subcategories like wine, entertainment, and grocery.

Men, you could easily impress your lady by planning your entire romantic night through Tesco.

Similar to Sam’s Club

You can buy wine by the case and even set up an appointment with an eye doctor.  You can use their online tools to comparison shop, and you can even shop on your phone.  You can also find diet support.  They even support greener living!


This store has everything from clothing to electronics, books, and more.  It’s truly a one stop shop for your consumer needs.  Speaking of needs, there is a customer support section to assist you should you have any problems, just like in a local store!

Even with franchised chains, each location has some variances.  One store may not have the same departments as another store.  With the online site, you can benefit from all of the stores in a chain.

Get this!  They even have a hardware section!  How handy would it be to have your DIY tools and supplies delivered directly to your door?

The toy section has some interesting features in itself.  You can shop by gender, brand, or age.  That can be a big help when you’re looking for age appropriate toys for your child or if you have a birthday party to attend for a young child and don’t know what to get.  Sometimes the labels can be confusing.  Narrowing your search can keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

Department List

  • Technology-Gaming
  • Home Electrical
  • Home and Garden
  • DIY and Car
  • Toys
  • Sports Leisure
  • Baby and Toddler
  • Party and Gifts
  • Entertainment and Books
  • Health and Beauty
  • Clothing and Jewelry


Many online stores cater directly to a specific niche such as women, juniors, or baby items.  Tesco has items for all genders and ages.  The clothing section is divided into men’s, women’s, children’s, and baby sections.  The clever categorization of the vast array of products makes things easy to find and easy to order.   Just add items to your virtual cart and check out.  You don’t have to worry about doing any heavy lifting or standing in line.  The wonderful sales associates will do that for you!  All you have to do is accept the package!

Club Points

In Tesco direct you can learn more about their voucher system.  Upon direct check out, you can receive points and vouchers to put toward your next purchase.  If you have a club card, those vouchers can be doubled for greater discounts!  This is a great system.  If you value rewards for loyalty, you could save big with Tesco.

You can even receive points through special offers from Tesco partners such as Virgin Mobile.  It’s definitely worth a view.

Still Don’t Think Online Shopping is For You?

Just go online and check out the site!  At the very least, you can browse through the items available on site and find them in-store later.  If you aren’t comfortable with buying online, that is completely understandable.  The online site can still assist you in finding the items you need at the prices you adore.  You can compare brands and even print the details on products you like so that they are easier to find later.

How To Use Tesco Direct Discount Code

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How to use Tesco Direct Discount Code

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