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For all the beauty products you use and any you’re considering, take a look at The Body Shop. The company actually makes their own products, sourcing some of the best raw ingredients available from all over the world. Everyone from artisan cosmeticians to talented farmers are in the on the process, which finally results in beautiful make-up you’ll love.They have a wide range of products, bath and body-care,skincare,hand-care,make-up,fragrances and items for men.

Background and History

The Body Shop has been in business since March 26th, 1976, which the first one was opened in Brighton. Within two years, a second presence began in Brussels with a kiosk, making it the first overseas location. By 1982, The Body Shop was opening new locations twice a month.

Three years later, The Body Shop was a public company. In 1986, they created their own Environmental Projects Department. That same year, they launched their first major window campaign. It said, simply, “Save the Whale” and was meant to push for participation and support of Greenpeace.

In 1989, The Body Shop came to the US. Within a year of that major development, the international brand was receiving over 2,500 applications to become a franchise of the company.

Within 14 years, The Body Shop had grown to a company big enough to have locations in 39 countries. This is despite the fact that The Body Shop definitely does things a bit differently (more on that in a moment). 1990 also marks the year they started their own foundation.

Over the coming decade, The Body Shop and its mission continue to flourish. However, in 1997, they taste success of a decidedly different kind when they launch a new flagship store and win the Retail Week Store Design of the Year Award. Quite a way to celebrate their 21st birthday!

More success would follow over the decade that would follow that award. For example, they became part of the L’Oreal Group in 2006. Nonetheless, the company has kept its own values, control of their identity and a base in the UK.

Sadly, in 2007, The Body Shop lost its founder, Dame Anita Roddick. Her memory remains alive and well, however, as her company continues to do amazing things.

Fair Trade

The Body Shop is a proud member of the Fair Trade community .This means they insist on paying exactly what their raw materials would otherwise be worth if they were dealing with a more established company, as opposed to a small  town farmer. By doing this, The Body Shop can be a conscientious consumer and a brand that helps make a better world in more ways than one. Plus, as a customer, your experience doesn’t have to suffer in any way, as their products are still incredibly to behold.

No Animal Testing

But that’s just one way The Body Shop is a conscientious company. The brand is also against any and all animal testing. Like a growing trend of companies from around the world, The Body Shop doesn’t believe animal testing is necessary to benefit people and are morally opposed to it. So any time you use their products, you don’t have to worry that one of our furry friends is in cage somewhere being tested on in order for you to look better.

100% Vegetarian

Along the same lines, The Body Shop’s products are 100% vegetarian. So, again, you never need to worry that your improved looks are hurting some innocent animal out there. In fact, just the opposite, by going with The Body Shop, you can help push other businesses, even those in other industries, into seeing that it’s not necessary to hurt animals in order to make cosmetics.

Activist Campaigns

As you can probably guess, The Body Shop is about more than just turning a profit. They’re even about more than just creating great products for their customers. The company is also invested in a number of campaigns they believe will help create a better planet for people and animals alike.

Aside from the causes we already covered, they also take part in campaigns to help improve people’s self-esteems, so they understand that cosmetics are not a replacement for mental health. This is just one of many causes they highlight on their website as being important to them as a brand. Their five core values are listed as:

  • Defend Human Rights
  • Community Fair Trade
  • Activate Self-Esteem
  • Against Animal Testing
  • Protect Our Planet

They also have their own charitable foundation: The Body Shop Foundation, which has been helping pioneering organizations since 1990.

So when you want to look or feel better, The Body Shop is definitely a location to check out, whether you’re a man or woman. They sell all kinds of cosmetics that are 100% vegetarian and never hurt an animal in the process. Plus, they represent all kinds of important initiatives you can be a part of.

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