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Despite the fact that we live in a highly digital world, books will never go out of style. There’s just something about flipping through pages and holding a real, life book in your hands that e-books, e-book readers, and other digital book copies just can’t compete with. Today, there are millions of books, some harder to find than others. And while there are countless bookstores scattered throughout the world, it can be difficult to find the title you’ve been wanting.

Whether you’re looking for a few books to read over the vacation, if you want to give your child some reading materials to aid his or her learning, or if you simply want to expand your ever growing collection of bestsellers, The Book People have got exactly what you need. From fiction, to biographies, to cook books, children’s books, collections, and many others, you’re guaranteed to find the books for your needs.

More about The Book People

Founded by Ted Smart and Seni Glaister in 1988, Book People has made it their goal to provide a wide arrange or book titles at affordable prices. The brand hand-picks the best selection of books for all ages and offers delivery services direct to consumers doorsteps.

The company started out as a small enterprise with nothing more than a van. The duo behind the brand simply made their way around the Guildford area offering a quaint selection of reads to different offices. From here, they were able to grow a solid base of customers. In 1990, the brand had a total of 140 local booksellers visiting offices, schools, hospitals, banks, and every other establishment in the area to see books. To reach wider audiences, Book People released a catalogue to make it easier for consumers to find the books for their needs. Finally, in 1998, the brand opened their first website which allowed consumers to purchase their products from the comfort of their homes. These changes and improvements allowed the once humble brand to expand into the book authority it is known as today.

The Book People Website

The Book People website offers consumers an in-depth look into the brand’s available merchandise. This easy to use online store provides a vast selection of books for people of all ages and different needs.

Aside from books and publications, Book People also retails gifts including DVDs, journals, organizers, photo albums, pens and pencils, stationery, calendars, and many more.