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About The Edinburgh Woolen Mill

One of the truly outstanding casual luxury fashion brands in the United Kingdom today, The Edinburg Woolen Mill is a one stop shop location for those that want to purchase high quality and high-end fashion pieces without having to worry about looking too ostentatious or chasing the latest fad.

Their online e-commerce platform makes it ridiculously easy to place orders, regardless of where you are around the world. With 100% free shipping all throughout the United Kingdom (and ridiculously low cost standard shipping internationally), it makes all the sense in the world to check The Edinburg Woolen Mill for your next fashion purchase before looking anywhere else!

Introduction to The Edinburgh Woolen Mill brand and business

Though the brand name certainly sounds like a company that would be perfectly suited for Saville Row or to have a “heritage shop” located in some tucked away village in the United Kingdom, the truth is this is a relatively new brand that just features throwback clothing and woolen options.

But make no mistake about it – The Edinburg Woolen Mill is serious about making sure that classic craftsmanship lives on in each and every single one of the products that they produce, and honestly there are probably only a handful of other retailers around the world that can even come close to offering this level of quality at “off-the-rack” price points.

Men, women, and children will all have the ability to find a The Edinburg Woolen Mill product that they absolutely love from their catalogue, and there are even a couple of new housewares and interior decorating product lines that the company is in the process of launching.

A very ancient business in the way they produce their top quality products, they certainly embraced modern technology to make it easier (and less expensive) for their customers to purchase their products – and that’s why they have so easily able to capture the kind of market share that they have granted in record time.

What The Edinburgh Woolen Mill is mostly known for is…

Probably most well-known for their Harris Tweed and cashmere options (of which they have a considerable amount of products utilizing these “construction materials”), they really are they true to life top-of-the-line clothing manufacturer and retailer the never sacrifices quality at any step in the process.

Each and every one of the dropdead gorgeous (but classically designed) options they manufactured for men and for women are crafted to the exacting standards of experts throughout history, and are always backed by an incredible lifetime guarantee that helps separate them from the rest of the pack quite easily.

The Harris Tweed options that they produce are rather contemporary in their overall style and cut, but still very much classically inspired by the pattern and the composition. Modern technology and textiles allow these Harris Tweed options to be lighter weight and more durable than those in the past, though they retain the same vintage Harris Tweed look that so many are after today.

In the cashmere department things are almost exactly the same as above, in that all of the products that are made out of cashmere are produced to maintain standards of quality that you just don’t find these days (especially at this price point) – all without ever threatening to compromise on the quality and suppleness of this material.

There is a reason why so many people fall in love with cashmere sweaters and other outerwear options, and you’ll understand and every one of those immediately and intimately the second that you go with a The Edinburg Woolen Mill cashmere product.

The average The Edinburgh Woolen Mill customer is…

The average The Edinburg Woolen Mill is admittedly a bit older than most other fashion brands out there, though more and more young people are starting to appreciate – and embrace – everything that these classically inspired clothing options bring to the table.

Harris Tweed specifically is enjoying a real resurgence in popularity these days (especially with the hipster crowd), and cashmere has never really gone out of style and it’s unlikely that it ever will.

The other products that this particular company produces are also incredibly popular with middle-aged men and women and more fashion focused the younger folks. Their tops and bottoms (for men and women) are classically cut but casually styled, there knitwear options are soft and comfortable but elegantly designed, and their textiles and accessories lineup is something that really has an option for everyone.

The main reason this brand has been so successful is because…

The Edinburg Woolen Mill has been able to capture so much market share in such a relatively small period of time because of these three specific reasons:

  • People all over the world (and especially in the UK) are sick and tired of off the rack clothing options that look cheap, flimsy, and poorly made
  • Fashion trends are starting to lean towards a more classic look and cut
  • And this company has been able to perfectly blend almost ancient craftsmanship approaches with modern tools and technology in a way that few other competitors can match

This gives The Edinburg Woolen Mill a significant advantage in a rather cluttered marketplace, and when combined with top-of-the-line customer service and support, ridiculously attractive prices and free shipping across the United Kingdom, and the ability to take advantage of a robust e-commerce platform to support all of their traditional brick and mortar operations, you’re looking at a well-oiled machine that just keeps chugging forward.

Breaking down The Edinburgh Woolen Mill website

A quick visit to the website of The Edinburg Woolen Mill is going to be a real treat, especially if you’ve never stepped foot in one of their stores.

Not only does it maintain a rather clean and uncluttered look (a lot like the overall layout of their brick and mortar operations), but it also gives customers the ability to almost instantly find exactly what they’re looking for – while at the same time allowing them to “browse” the collection at their leisure.

You’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to investigate all that The Edinburg Woolen Mill has to offer if you’re looking for this particular style, especially when they are running one of their regular and routine sales or promotions.

Check out The Edinburg Woolen Mill today!

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How To Use The Edinburgh Woolen Mill Discount Code

How To Use The Edinburgh Woolen Mill Discount Code

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