Things to Buy Before the Baby Arrives

You are almost through your pregnancy and you and your husband are thinking about what you will need before the baby comes home. The dream of having a baby is now getting closer to becoming a reality and you want to be prepared.  This is your first child and you really have no idea what to do, outside of what you have been told by other mothers that you know. You have been reading magazines and books about what the baby will need during the first few weeks and months at home.

You know that you will need a car seat in order to bring the baby home from the hospital. You will also need to decide if you want to breast feed, which is what they doctors and nurses have been encouraging because it is so much better for the baby’s health, than milk from a can.

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Another decision is to decide if the baby will stay in the same room as you and your husband or have a room of his own. If the baby has a room of his own, you will need a baby monitor to make sure that your baby is sleeping peacefully. Remember that the baby should not be placed on its back to alleviate possible breathing issues and possible death from SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome.  There are items that you can purchase to make sure that the baby not to stays on his stomach or side. Remember that a baby should not have small items close by, that can be picked up and swallowed.

In the beginning weeks your baby will be sleeping, crying, pooping and eating. The brain is still growing as well as other parts of the body.  Remember that you should not press against the brain of the baby, as it is still soft and developing. Your baby will need one piece outfits with the feet in or out. Keeping baby warm is important. Make sure however, that the temperature is not too warm but that baby is comfortable. Also keep blankets to make sure that you can wrap baby up before leaving the hospital and before weathering the outside elements.

Remember that the baby has just come out of your womb, where it is warm and comfortable. Also, remember that baby is adjusting to the real world and parents just have to be patient, with every new event, that will be happening between you and your baby.

Essential Items Needed for Baby

In addition to the car seat, and one piece outfits needed for baby, you will need baby milk, small bottles, diapers, a breast pump if you decide to breast feed, the room set up for baby, meaning a bassinet, a rocking chair for you to rock the baby to sleep, and a hat set to make sure that baby’s head is covered. Do not buy a lot of clothing in the beginning as baby will mostly be on the inside and not going out too much in the weather. Also, lots of clothing is not necessary as baby will be growing fast and will outgrow the clothing before you can get him in them for outside wear. Stick to the one piece outfits with and without the feet for baby to wear in the beginning weeks and months.  You will also need baby lotions, baby wash and something to place baby in for baths. There will also be a need for a changing table. You will also need a mattress for the bassinet, as a crib in the beginning is probably too big.

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Make sure that you decorate baby’s room for stimulation with bright colours and more subtle colours at night.  You will need baby light and sounds that will help stimulate baby as well. If your baby has eczema, then make sure that you have the hair wash and skin wash for that.

Everything should be as gentle as possible for anything the baby will use. Also wash your baby’s clothing in gentle baby detergent, that doesn’t have all of the additives that the baby’s skin will not be able to handle. Remember to stick to the basics until you feel more comfortable as a growing mother.

If you are unsure of what to do, always have a mentor like your mother or a friend who is a great mother to ask questions. The most essential thing in the beginning is to make sure that baby’s head is supported.  And whatever you get for baby, make sure that it has a head support for baby.

What Colours to Use for Baby?

Before baby comes home you will want to decorate his or her room.  You have had a sonogram and you are still unsure of the sex of the baby.  Many people buy light green and yellows which are considered neutral colours for baby and can be used for a boy or a girl. Many parents have grown tired of using the traditional blue for a boy and pink for a girl, so using these colours gives you a way of getting it right, no matter what the sex of the baby.

Later on when the baby comes home, then you can buy the traditional colours for the clothing for baby or to help with decorating the room. However, adding these other colours adds another element of variety for baby. Also, using the colour white, cream or beige, is always appropriate and considered neutral colours that can be used no matter the sex of the baby.

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Getting to Know Your Baby

As you begin to parent your baby and get to know him or her, you will begin to know some of baby’s likes and dislikes. You will understand what baby likes during baths or during sleeping. You will also learn what activities like playing with toys, reading or singing for baby that tells you that he or she is enjoying quality time with you.  Also, make sure and try to get baby on a schedule as quickly as possible. In the beginning it will feel that you are up all of the time and never getting any sleep. Encouraging baby to be happy will help him or her to be a great baby, allowing you to do what you need to do as a parent.