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Football History Makes a Comeback at TOFFS

Some say that nostalgia is a thing of the past but for some football supporters, the past was a time of happiness and glory for them and their favorite football teams. For older fans, and indeed a growing number of the younger generation, the former glory of teams and players is a very important part of the present day, and business for football memorabilia and retro shirts is booming.

A love of all things football from the past is not a new phenomenon, and there are many companies now cashing in on the growing trade in retro football shirts, but one of the longest established and most reputable is The Old Fashioned Football Shirt (TOFFS) company in Gateshead, England.

Football TOFFS

Unlike many companies selling retro football jerseys, TOFFS pride themselves on using only UK sourced fabrics and producing their quality retro jerseys at home in Great Britain. Now in existence for over 25 years, TOFFS offer a huge range of retro shirts covering 240 league and international teams dating back as far as the 1870’s.

Whatever your favorite team or player of the past, it’s as certain as ten minutes injury time at Old Trafford, you will find what you are looking for on

The Game Begins

Simply expand the Football Shirts tab at the top of the home page and the world of retro football shirts is at your fingertips. Now it’ simply a matter of following the path to whichever club you want and the era required. In English football, all the truly great teams are there. From Accrington Stanley (Who?) to York City via Bradford Park Avenue and Shadwell Town, if your favorite side isn’t there, they never existed.

Following the Queen’s Park Rangers tab (well, somebody must follow QPR) brings up a range of retro shirts as well as T-shirts, scarves, books and even a short “best of” DVD or at least I assume it has to be short.

Extra Time

Probably the best thing about retro shirts, apart from the “wear your shirt with pride” factor, is the value for money. Cheaper by far than the current jerseys, which only last for a few months, a retro jersey can be worn for years. After all, didn’t it go out of fashion twenty or even fifty years ago?

On the Sidelines

TOFFS now export to over 70 countries and also produce retro shirts for the North American Soccer League so there is something there for all football fans no matter your affiliation or location in the world.

There is more on offer at than just top quality, British-made retro shirts. Books, DVDs, T-shirts, scarves, hoodies and polo shirts are also on offer and all guaranteed to unleash that yearning for better days gone by when YOUR team ruled the roost. Or at least still existed.