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About TOMS

The Tom’s Shoes story is one of the most impressive “feel good” entrepreneurial success stories of all time.

The entire operation was established on a visit to an impoverished company when the founder saw just how difficult it was for children there to get their hands on even the least expensive pair of shoes that they needed to navigate day to day life.

Coming back to the United States, he decided to establish a brand-new footwear company with this guarantee:

Every pair of shoes purchased by a customer would equal a completely free pair of shoes donated to a child in need, with absolutely no strings attached whatsoever.

Uniquely combining philanthropy with business, this success story – and there can be no argument that Tom’s Shoes has become one of the most impressive business success stories in the last 25 years – has helped lay down a foundation for businesses with a philanthropic core to really establish themselves these days.

When you visit the Tom’s Shoes website you’re going to be able to shop their entire product catalog of footwear and accessories. All of this is possible using the easy to navigate buttons directly on top of the page or clicking any of the home page buttons or images that will link you directly to the products you are interested in.

Every single purchase that you make is going to directly help impact the lives of a child (or maybe even multiple children) all over the world, giving them the opportunity to enjoy something that most of us take for granted – a brand-new pair of comfortable shoes upon their feet.

Many of the collections that they offer have now been designed in collaboration or conjunction with celebrities and influential businesses in the footwear and apparel world. They almost always are tied directly to specific charitable endeavors, and are always transparent about where this money is headed.

If you’ve been searching for a brand-new pair of shoes but want to make sure that you’re going to be able to do a tremendous amount of good with your next purchase, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to sleep on all of the different options available from Tom’s Shoes.

When you make your purchase on this site you’ll find the process to be as close to effortless as it gets, with 100% free shipping on every single order to most destinations all over the world.