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About TomTom


It’s safe to say that the world is changing around us at an ever-quickening pace.  Globalization and the digital and online revolution is reshaping the way we communicate and do business with one another.   Ours is an age of innovation, and with apps and social media platforms and so much more of which to keep track, it can be all too easy to fall behind.

Luckily, that’s where TomTom tracking services comes in.

Tomtom is a bold new service that is rapidly becoming one of the most popular new gadgets in the world of GPS and tracking, one which pledges to “empower movement.”  We are a goal-driven company, and as such we have made it our mission to help others reach their own goals quicker and more efficiently.  This is facilitated in no small part to the fact that TomTom is—and is proud to be—a truly global company, with holdings in several nations which operate in accordance with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee to ensure an ethical and efficient mode of operation.

TomTom is best known in the global consumer marketplace for its navigation and mapping products.  Anyone who’s ever used Google Maps or Map Quest know just how important it is to have accurate and truly state of the art racking and navigation products.  After all, for as much traffic as there is today in the online marketplace, there is still plenty of foot and motor traffic on the real-world motorways and metropolises which make up the greater world of commerce and trade.  Whether you’re looking for the most efficient route to a business meeting or are searching for dynamic downtown dining and shopping options, you’ll want to give TomTom a try.

In addition, we also offer opportunities to those looking to invest in this bold new world of mapping and tracking technology.

Perhaps our most recognizable mainstream products are of a GPS and, increasingly, tracking and fitness-related nature.  Our GPS sports watches are fantastic for tracking where you are—both on the road and, in an era of Fitbits and exercise apps, your workouts as well.  In addition to all that, we likewise offer new fleet management solutions which have proven to be industry-leading location-based products.

Consumer, Automotive, Licensing and Telematics—we offer all that and more at TomTom as we work “empower movement” at every opportunity.