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About Treatwell

Make Beauty Appointment Troubles A Thing Of The Past

Beauty appoints can be incredibly fun.  Taking time for yourself, getting things like spas or hair appointments can decrease your stress and give you opportunities to create a look that works for you.  The only challenge is that making beauty appointments can be challenging.  Along with having to keep different reservations with different people, it is sometimes possible those reservations are not recorded correctly or that the person accidently double booked.  What you need is a better way to book appointments.  This is where Treatwell comes in.  Let’s take a moment to review their services as well as why you should consider them over how you would normally book appointments.

An All In One, Beauty Appointment Booker

Treatwell has made it their mission to be a one-stop location for booking every beauty appointment you will need.  With more than 11,485 venders in the Treatwell system, it has never been simpler to book an appointment online.  Taking on a few moments, Treatwell is open 24/7 to take your reservations, working directly with the companies to ensure that there are openings for you.  Whether you are looking for spa days and breaks, body, face, nails, massage, hair removal, or general hair work, Treatwell has you covered.  In addition, they provide several different gift options if you are considering Treatwell for another.

Why Consider Treatwell?

If nothing else, you save time.  Calling a salon or spa directly can be challenging.  Individuals may be busy, may be rushed, and may not be able to book you at that moment requiring frequent calls until you can get in contact with someone.  If you are booking more than one beauty appointment, then expect the amount of time spent trying to schedule appointments to double.

Another thing to consider is price.  With prices varying widely between different places, it can be hard to find the salon or spa with the best deal.  Sometimes, the only way to figure out the cost is to go in.  With Treatwell, you can view all of the costs ahead of time, comparing various places near you to find the one that offers the services you are looking for at a price you can agree on.  What’s better than that?

Taking The First Step

If you are interested in learning more about Treatwell, then all you need to do is log on their website and check it out for yourself.  Creating an account is free, and from there you can help make the annoying process of booking beauty appointments a thing of the past.