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About Uniqlo

A rather unique name for a unique company, UNIQLO was founded in Yamaguchi, Japan back in 1949. Their beginnings as a humble textile factory has never been forgotten and today, they have risen to become an international brand. Their products are sold in over one thousand stores all over the world. Their driving mission as a company is to always focus on delivering a quality textile product, which has been their unwavering goal since the beginning. Another uniquely driving concept behind UNIQLO is their initiative that began in 2006. What began as a desire to help bring back in materials that could be recycled into new textile products, turned into an redistribution of still wearable clothing to people in need of them. Their global efforts and campaign to ensure that clothing is not seen as something you throw away, truly sets them apart from most other companies in the textile industry.

Beautiful Website

One of the best outlets to purchase small and large orders of UNIQLO garments is through their website. It is beautifully designed and easily flexible to reflect whatever country is viewing it. Not only does it offer a fluid transition between languages for all the major companies that it ships to, it also transitions the pricing seamlessly as well. No matter where you are shopping from, you can easily get a sense for what they have to offer and for how much. Their menus are easy to navigate and can be quickly sorted, outside of using the straight search function, it is simple to find what you want, or browse what is available. Their landing page also features colourful banners and scrolling menus to showcase what their premier lines are, upcoming release, as well as relevant news for the company and their events are.

Styles Available

UNIQLO is not just your run of the mill clothing supplier. They offer a wide variety of clothes at competitive prices. They have everything you may need for a core wardrobe, as well as rather trendy and modern design lines that have every season covered. They also offer kids, teenagers, adults, and even extended sizes for both males and females. Their headline categories for shopping are:

Modern Classic: Available in both men and women designs, the modern classic line is a collection that is meant to transcend time. In terms of style, it a mix of elegance, simplicity and a blend between classic and modern hems. Overall, if you are familiar with modern style furnishings, this would the clothing equivalent.

Ines De La Fressange: The Ines De La Fressange Spring-Summer collection is best stated as a mix between high fashion and almost country living. The all female line is designed to be a mix between the latest sense of fashion and comfort, allowing women to look both relaxed and stylish.

Ultra Light Down: UNIQLO’s premier line of down outer garments, this line of jackets comes in a variety of styles for the entire family. The jackets come in both a vest style cut as well as a fully sleeved and hooded rendention.

Dresses: UNIQLO offers an inclusive line of dresses that are appropriate for all manner of outing. From fun in the sun to a night on the town, their line of dresses embodies the concept of having a garment that is properly capable of being both functional and fashionable.

HeatTech: A UNIQLO patented line of inner garments, HeatTech helps regulate the wearer’s body temperature to ensure that the layers required during heavy winter are never unbearable. One of the main features of the unique fabric used in the line is the fact that its not cumbersome and thick, as is the case with most thermal wear and winter clothing.

SPRZNY: Inspired by street art in major cities, this line of printed shirts features replicas of street artistry at its most memorable. Artists such as Jackson Pollock, Yayoi Kusama, and Keith Haring are just a few of the inspirational sources behind the series.

Shochiku Kabuki: Arriving in March of 2015, the latest available line of clothing from UNIQLO features prints and garments inspired from the Japanese Kabuki theatre. The amazing and unique artistry of the stage has been given a modern and street ready median to be shared and enjoyed.

UU Kids: A special line of cloths just for kids from UNIQLO, UU Kids showcases items for both girls and boys. These simple, well made, and amusingly stylish garments can brighten up any kid’s wardrobe. The line features shorts, dresses, pants, coats, and shirts in a variety of easy to wear  materials and easy to love colours.


Beyond their wide selection of garments, they also offer reasonably priced and well made accessories. Belts, socks, and undergarments for both genders are also available from UNIQLO’s website and in most retail locations. They even have hats, bags and umbrellas. The only thing they don’t offer is footwear.

Pricing, Payment, Delivery

In terms of their pricing, they are a very competitively priced company with a lot to offer in terms of quality and selection. In addition to making some of the world’s most recognizable quality garments, they also have a strong sense of social obligation. Their recycling program that helps both clothe those in need, and reduce waste in landfills, more than justifies any qualm most may have over some of their less than thrifty prices. For on-line shopping, they only accept credit card transactions through a secured provider. As for delivery, they are a global company, and more than happy to ship orders at a very reasonable rate. Depending on the post code it is being delivered to, it can take anywhere from 4 to 10 working days to arrive. The rates for delivery are: £3.95 for regular deliver time table, or £5.95 for next day delivery if ordered by the cut off time. You can also designate a  specific day for delivery up to ten days in advance for £5.95 as well. This means you can either get it the next day, or if you want it to arrive as a surprise, can arrange for it to be delivered on a specific date, with sufficient notice.

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