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There are few things more integral to life as we know it than the very greenery which makes up so much of the land itself.  That ever-abiding sense of green has captured the imagination of poets like William Blake, painters like Vincent van Gogh, and remains a reliable source of catharsis for those blessed with a “green thumb” and love of the soil.

At Van Meuwen, we seek to offer the best in everyday gardening supplies.  We understand that keeping a garden is more than just a collection of plants, but rather the seeds you plant and effort you put into transforming a little patch of land into something positively teeming with life and creativity, all brought forth by years of care and patience.  Gardening is a matter of trust, and with more 40 years’ worth of experience, we pride ourselves on being an established and well-trusted name in gardening circles across the country.

We offer a great many everyday deals to help new and veteran gardeners alike, including several different perks which come from frequently shopping with us, from fresh plug plants starting at just £3.99 (or less than 14p each if you purchase 72) to 40 bare roots at just £19.90, a deal of less than 50p each to £12.98 for 10 tubers and much more.  Our package deals promise up to 400% more flowers, making them one of the great bargains in the world of online British garden outlets today.

Of course, the great peril in online plant and flower shopping is the prospect of seeing your purchase arrive on your doorstep anything but green.  No one wants to order some dramatic dahlias or truly dazzling patio fruit trees only to see them turn up brown or wilting.  Thankfully, more than 40 years’ worth of experience has also helped us develop quite an effective method for shipping our lovely greenery and flowers to customers in pristine condition.  Our Five-Star Guarantee assures customer satisfaction or your money back.

Our free newsletter updates regular shopper about these everyday deals as they occur while likewise helping to grow your sense of what’s new and trending in the world of gardening.  This can help keep you appraised of everything from special offers to new arrivals regarding fresh fruits and vegetables to new tools hitting the market and much more.

Indulge your green thumb and try Van Meuwen today!