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Van Mildert Is the Perfect Fashion Retailer for Today’s Customer

Van Mildert is a high-end fashion retailer with ten stores in the United Kingdom, as well as a full service ecommerce website. Van Mildert was founded in 1996 in Durham City. Durham is a picturesque town, and the first Van Mildert was made even more picturesque by operating out of the 17th-century gaol. The location had the correct vibe for the business, and that vibe has been transferred to their other stores, and from there to their full service ecommerce website.

Van Mildert is a new kind of retailer, perfect for the Internet age. Retailers have always had to choose which goods to display because space is at premium and inventory costs money. Because an Internet store can display an unlimited amount of goods, it might follow that Internet retailers would simply sell everything possible on their websites. The opposite has been the case.

Ecommerce websites like Van Mildert have loads of beautiful items on their pages, more than they could ever stock in one place. That doesn’t mean it’s an old-fashioned collection of whatever fits. Like all the best Internet and boutique retailers, Van Mildert caters to a particular lifestyle, and delivers everything of interest to a young, hip, upscale, fashion-conscious crowd. It doesn’t try to be all things to all people, but it delivers an unbelievable range of goods from exclusive designers, and delivers coveted looks to the customer.  Van Mildert isn’t a rack of clothes. It’s a lifestyle supplier.

The Way a Website Should Look

Van Mildert made their name as a high fashion retailer, and they have a high fashion website as well. They understand the way the modern shopper looks for goods. The site is entirely plugged into social media, and searching through their clothes is a lot like perusing a social media site. Curated ages offer hi-resolution pictures of the clothing, and rolling over the pictures shows them from the back. If you like what you see, click through and you’ll get all the information you need to make a purchasing decision. There are drop-down lists for sizes and colours, and additional hi-resolution pictures to see the item close up. Product info shows technical information along with a summary of who might wear the clothes, and what occasions it’s suitable for. Prices, delivery terms, and return policies are spelled right out on the page, so there are no surprises at checkout. There are a lot of discounts available, too.

The social aspect of shopping is evident at the bottom of the page. There are buttons to share your selections directly on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest to see what your friends think. Your best friend when you’re shopping is a wise salesclerk, and the Van Mildert website offers a list of other related choices at the bottom of the page to make sure you get just the right item. They keep a recently viewed list at the very bottom to lead you back where you came from if need be.

Register to Get All the Benefits

The website lets you register for an account at Van Mildert, and it’s a great idea. You’ll save a lot of time at checkout, and you’ll be eligible to receive special discounts and other offers by email. Shopping for fashions isn’t the same as buying appliances. It’s like joining a club, and Van Mildert is a stylish club to join. You’ll have instant access to order history, account records, tracking functions, and of course you’ll checkout almost instantly.

In today’s connected world, you’ll often be shopping on a mobile or a tablet, and easy navigation, search, and checkout is essential to save time and aggravation. It makes more sense to find a brand like Van Mildert that offers you the style and quality you’re after, and then subscribe to them like you would to your favorite band’s feed. It’s about enjoyment as much as commerce.

High Fashion, Lots of Choices

For men, there are separate departments for trousers, footwear, jackets and coats, jeans, knitwear, polos, shirts, shorts, suits, sweats, T-shirts, and a lot more. There are too many choices in each department to easy sort through, so clicking through to a sub-directory lets you sort your selections by a host of parameters. For women, searching by product type and size brings dozens of selections in each subtype, and searching by designer can make your wardrobe sizzle. If you’re devoted to one designer, they’re all there. DKNY, Boss, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Stone Island, Paul Smith, Creative, Diesel, True Religion, Lacoste, and dozens more assure you that you’ll find exactly the style you want.  You’ll see the hottest designers like Vivienne Westwood, Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, Tibi, Armani, Marc Jacobs, Ted Baker, and a host of others. Search hundreds of jackets, shirts, T-shirts, dresses, jumpers, truses, tops, coats, cardigans, hats, and shorts. No ensemble is complete without a bag, and Van Mildert has them from the best; jewellery and other accessories, too.

Van Mildert Is an Industry Leader

Van Mildert is recognized as one of the best in the fashion retail industry. High street and independent retailers vie every year for the coveted Draper Awards for fashion retailing, and Van Mildert has won their awards for menswear retailer of the year, young fashion retailer of the year, and independent fashion retailer of the year. That’s a company that connects with the public and earns the praise of its competitors. Van Mildert sells luxury goods, and they want customers to feel as though they’re receiving luxury service, and that they belong to a group of consumers that shows good taste and style.

Van Mildert is completely plugged in to social media, and you can see their clothes being worn by hundreds of satisfied customers in real life situations. Looking at their Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter stream will give the customer an idea of who’s wearing what, and where it’s being worn. Van Mildert has their Instagram feed on the front page of their website, and a link to their lifestyle blog. If you want to know if a fashion item is right for you, you’ll  want to know if Mr. Bean or James Bond is wearing it in their latest movie. Van Mildert plugs you into the right crowd with the right clothes. Give them a look!

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