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If you’re in the market for office supplies, one name you’re probably aware of is Viking. For over 50 years, the company has managed to continue to grow and prosper in the UK while meeting customer demands for prices and products.


Viking was established back in 1960 and has since become a major global company with a presence in more than 11 countries throughout the world. The company is a subsidiary of Office Depot, which is one of the largest office stationary and products suppliers on the planet. With more than 1,300 people working for them in the UK, Viking has become a staple of the country’s market.

Their success, in large part, comes from reading this market, understanding their needs and then meeting those demands at a reasonable price. On top of that, the company has built a reputation for the best customer service in the industry, which certainly helps. Currently, their headquarters is located in Leicester, though they sell throughout the UK, seeing more customers than any of their competitors.


For the most part, Viking sells paper, pens, ink cartridges and office machines, though this list hardly begins to cover it. The company sells just about anything your office needs outside of personnel and products to sell. On their website, alone, you can find thousands of different products for sale. They also sell a number of janitorial supplies and products for the warehouse.


Another reason Viking sees so much business is because they offer free delivery on and order that’s more than 30 pounds. Plus, they have remained dedicated to speedy delivery times too so it’s never quicker to just go to a store.

Return Policy

On top of that, Viking offers a 30 days return policy, meaning your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you aren’t 100% happy with your purchase, you just need to contact Viking within 30 days. Once you do, they’ll even come and pick up the order from you at no extra charge.

Free Installation

One major seller for Viking is office furniture. After all, ever office needs it and the kind you purchase can make all the difference. But putting together said furniture can often be a real challenge—one that stands between you and getting your office up and running.

However, if you order from Viking, they’ll not only deliver it to you for free (so long as it’s over 30 pounds), they’ll even come to your office and handle installation on their own. Just make sure you order pieces with the “pro-fit” logo and you know that installation won’t be an issue. Some terms and conditions apply, so just make sure you ask about them before ordering.

Quality Guaranteed

Aside from the generous return policy, Viking has also ensured customer happiness by offering further guarantees on their purchases. For example, they guarantee everything they sell against any faults on the manufacturer’s side of things. This includes any defects you my find. And this guarantee is good for up to a year.

No Questions Asked Return Policy

Another cool feature of shopping with Viking is the fact that they’ll offer you a no questions asked return policy for 12 months. You just pay one small fee and no matter what goes wrong, you don’t have to worry about it because Viking will accept it back without any issues.

How To Use Viking Discount Code

How to use Viking Discount Code

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