Ways to Save this Valentine’s Day

There is that special time of year when the world seems to be bathed in red, pink, and white hearts. Cupid seems to be inspired to rouse and the love bugs bite away. The urge to find a date for that special evening is high, and everyone from the very rich to not so much can be found making plans. Though, no matter your financial situation, there is always room to save and still have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Ways to Save this Valentine’s Day

Focus on the principle behind the holiday.

The concept of Valentine’s is to celebrate love. This is encouraged through the exchanging of tokens between you and the ones you love and by setting aside time for romance with that special person in your life. However, a lot of people have come to resent the holiday because of how alone it can make them feel if they don’t have someone to be romantic with. Instead of looking at like this, people should use it as a chance to get to know their younger family better. Many people overlook the fact that if they can handle it, Valentines is a great day to earn some extra cash. A lot of people need baby or pet sitters for Valentines and if you don’t have special plans yourself, instead of spending the evening moping about it, turn it into a productive time. If sitting is not your cup of tea, a lot of places, especially smaller mom and pop businesses need a hand for the Valentine Day or weekend. Floral shops in particular often hire on extra work for the day or days surrounding Valentines. Helping out in these venues is not only productive and financially beneficial to you, it is also a way of participating in the holiday by showing that you are expressing love through labour and support.

You don’t have to give him or her the Moon to make someone happy.

One issue in particular that can distress people over Valentines is the notion that you have to spend a lot to show how much you care. Spending money on someone by getting them frivolous things is not a particularly genuine token of love. One of the best gestures you can use to show that you care and love someone is to give them time with your undivided attention. A romantic candle lit dinner where you both leave your cells phones on silent and at the door can be a true evening to remember. Show the other person how much you care by preparing either a nice meal you know they enjoy, or perhaps even their favourite meal. It doesn’t have to be perfect to show that you love them enough to know what they like. For many people, it is all the little things that you notice and express an understanding of that can add up to a lot of happiness together. If one or both of you work, you can re-schedule the Valentines dinner to meet your needs and often as a perk find even better deals on certain types of food right after the holiday as well. When a relationship is young, it is not uncommon for a lot of fancy gestures to be made to try and woo, but in truth, it is the more solid relationship that can take Valentines dinner at home with more joy than trying to spend an evening out filled with flamboyant and shallow gifts. Put simply, Valentines should not have to be about expensive and shallow gifts.

Valentines Day

If you simply must go out on the town, plan ahead to save the most.

Like any big holiday, the amount of special deals and promotions that companies put on can be staggering, but you have to look ahead of the day and plan out. One bit of advice that is solid for most occasions is to call at least a month ahead of time and book reservations, this is especially useful if the restaurant you want to go to is known for having magnificent Valentine dinners and specials. Once you have reservations, let your significant other know to make a point and have that date and time in their schedule clear. You don’t have to give them the details if you want it to be a surprise, but being courteous of their life can often help prevent potential conflicts in plans.

Aside from making reservations and planing out the evening using the internet and local papers to find the exact destinations you’d like to go, be sure to keep a backup plan in mind. There are times when even the best laid plans can get dashed to pieces. Always have alternate destinations and activities on the itinerary. Being a step ahead of life’s chaos can not only ensure the day goes off smoothly, but still according to plan. Always keep an eye on the local beat as well because sometimes great alternates do not come up until the day of.

Done from the heart, Valentines cannot go wrong.

Whether it is from the Hallmark Gold store or handmade with a pint of printing paper and crayons, something as simple as a heartfelt card can be all you need to make Valentines special. Even if you would want to spend the bank on the holiday but can’t, letting the other person know how you feel, what you dream and what you would like to have done can be enough to truly express the meaning behind the holiday. Sharing what is in your heart with the one you love, or spending time with those you love, such as your friends and family, can make Valentines a truly special day.

Valentines Day 2

Even though it is typically a day designed for romantic couples, Valentine is about love, and sometimes the best way to save money is to simple take the time to love yourself a little more. Taking the evening to simply relax and focus on what you really need or love to do in your life on Valentines can be just as special and often less costly than trying to achieve the same thing for two.