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When you want to complete a home improvement project (regardless of how big or how small), you’re going to want to turn to Wickes.

Recognized by most as the largest (and the best) home improvement and supply store in the United Kingdom, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to take advantage of all the big time benefits that Wickes has to offer.

We are talking about an incredibly deep product line-up that will suit all of your home improvement needs, helpful and friendly employees that will go above and beyond to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for, and the kind of competitive prices that will practically guarantee you accomplish your home improvement project under budget – every single time!

At the end of the day, you are going to want to consider shopping at Wickes for all of your home improvement needs.

And while you might not be all that interested in shopping for large appliances, building materials, or heating and plumbing supplies through their online website, you might still want to take advantage of the deeply discounted products, services, and ridiculously fast shipping time that their online retail center offers!

What’s Wickes all about?

When it absolutely, positively, MUST get done today – or when you have all kinds of time to properly plan for your upcoming project – you’re going to want to make sure that your head to Wickes to purchase your building and home improvement supplies.

Outfitting professionals and amateurs alike with all of the building and home improvement supplies they need to successfully accomplish just about any and every project imaginable, Wickes has developed a reputation in the United Kingdom as the “ultimate one-stop shop” for everything home improvement.

You’ll find all kinds of building supplies for projects that involve:

  • Your kitchen and your bathrooms
  • Your windows and your doors
  • Just about any flooring need you could come up with
  • Interior decorating and design ideas
  • Electrical and plumbing issues (including HVAC systems)
  • A flood of brand-new tools (big boy toys, as they say) and work wear options

… And everything else imaginable for any project you could ever think about tackling on your own or with professional help!

The premier home supply shop in the UK, their online catalogue is even deeper than the products that they make available in all of their retail locations (if you can imagine that)!

Better than that though, is the fact that you are going to be able to order any of the home supply products that they make available on their website and have them shipped directly to your nearest Wickes retail location, 100% free of charge to you – and often that same day (or, in some circumstances, the very next one).

Who’s going to be interested in Wickes?

Even though most people that are looking to tackle some kind of construction project are going to be able to take advantage of all of the options and advantages provided by Wickes, this store really focuses on serving two types of people:

Construction and service professionals that are looking to stock up on all kinds of building materials, the latest and greatest tools, and any other supplies they need to create projects for their customers and clients and

Home-owners and hobbyists (or “weekend warriors”) that are looking for supplies they need to safely tackle smaller projects that they feel comfortable with – the kinds of projects that they don’t want have to call in a professional expert for.

Regardless of which of those two groups you fall into, you’re going to find that Wickes has you covered. You get not only that, but each and every one of the employees or customer service representatives that you meet in or at a Wickes is going to try to help you in any way that they can – including giving you “inside information” that might make your project to go just a bit smoother moving forward.

What makes Wickes so special?

The first thing that really makes Wickes so special (especially when compared to other competing home supply and home improvement stores) would have to be the product knowledge that employees enjoy.

You aren’t going to be left to your own devices when you walk into a Wickes, having to fend for yourself when trying to figure out exactly what you need – and especially what you do not.

This help extends to the customer service and support provided on the Wickes retail outlet online. This means that you’ll be able to get the “insider information” you need even if you intend to order all of your supplies before picking them up at a local retail location.

What’s “not so hot” about Wickes?

The only thing that is really holding Wickes back, and even it isn’t anywhere close to a deal breaker of any kind.

Sometimes the prices that are published on the Wickes website do not accurately reflect the prices that you’ll find at a number of different Wickes retail locations, which can be a bit of a headache and hassle when you are looking to do a bit of research and estimate before you go to a local location and pick up your supply.

Obviously, this is only going to affect a small amount of people, and the prices are usually “close enough” to make accurate enough to price out projects.

However, it would be nicer to see a more streamlined and consistent pricing experience between the Wickes website and the Wickes retail locations.

Closing Thoughts

It’s hard to imagine shopping anywhere else other than the Wickes website or at any of their physical locations throughout the United Kingdom when you have a construction or remodelling project to pull off.

They are pretty much synonymous with on supply and home improvement, and because they offer such friendly prices at beneficial customer service programs to go with it – not to mention a deep collection of products that you wouldn’t be able to find under a single roof (or on a single website) anywhere else.

Check out Wickes today!

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