You Can Inspire People

Inspiring people is an important skill to have, no matter your occupation or background. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest skill to develop, and it seems to some that the ability to be inspirational is something you either have, or don’t. There is good news, however, and that is that you don’t just have to have been “born with it” to be able to inspire people — you just have to know hot do it.

Lead by Example

If you’re not setting an example worth being inspired by, chances are, people aren’t going to be inspired by you, no matter what you say, or how well you say it. So, be sure to step up to the plate yourself and do everything you can to be inspirational yourself. Don’t complain to the people you need to inspire about problems you have in your own life, as this negativity just brings them down with you; do more work than you have to, so others see that you really care about what you have to do; and do your best to be there for others, even if you don’t have to be, and even if they don’t ask you to be, as this shows that you have a genuine investment in others’ well-being, which not only brightens peoples’ days, but helps give them hope — which is one of the most important things you can do for someone you need to inspire.

You can inspire people

Stay Positive

This is a form of leading by example, but it is definitely a point and practice worth separate mention. When inspiring others, it’s important for you to do so only if you can maintain a positive demeanor. If you’re trying to inspire coworkers and colleagues, this is helpful because, if you’re happy enough to be doing what you’ve got to do, it makes it look like there’s nothing to be upset about in the first place, and people will always be excited to join you in whatever it is that needs to get done if you’re doing all you can to provide a positive social environment for them.

If, on the other hand, you’re trying to inspire friends in a more personal setting, your being positive will inspire them by virtue of the fact that happiness is contagious. If you’re happy, whoever you’re talking to will get happy, and happy people rarely need any help finding inspiration.

Get Into You Mode

People who need inspiration will often readily talk about why they’re not inspired in the first place. If you’re lucky enough to be trusted with such information, be sure to do everything you can to be a good listener. This means: don’t interrupt, ask questions, and show that you’re interested in genuinely understanding where they’re coming from. This is called you mode: Give them the floor to talk, and make sure everything you say, when you do speak, has to do with you, not me. Developing such a connection with people makes it easier for you to figure out what’s bothering them, and from there, how you can best help them overcome whatever problems or sources of discouragement they’re facing.